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Health Payer Specialist is a business intelligence service covering the business of running commercial and nonprofit-run health plans. The goal of Health Payer Specialist is to be a one-stop source that health insurance executives can rely on for efficient aggregation of industry news and original reporting.

Our editorial team focuses on how health plan-related-events and trends will specifically impact plan professionals. While Health Payer Specialist reports on events affecting providers and plan participants, it does so with a primary goal of helping health plan executive better understand those issues. We believe our niche editorial approach will result in business journalism that is more actionable, concise and relevant for our readers at commercial and nonprofit health insurance organizations.

Coverage of Health Payer Specialist includes:

  • Running managed care and fee-for-service health plans 
  • Legal, regulatory and compliance insights and analysis
  • Relationships with employee benefit brokerages and corporate benefit directors
  • Using sales, marketing and product development efforts to strengthen health plans 
    • Corporate strategy, financial management and M&A
      • Market share competition
        • Innovation and tech disruption trends
          • HR, compensation and corporate culture issues within health insurance organizations
            • Customer service and claims management efforts
              • Medical underwriting and risk management

                Money-Media, the publisher of Health Payer Specialist, is a division of the Financial Times, a global leader in business news. We have a long track record of creating successful, targeted publications for business executives in specific industries.

                Our inaugural insurance publication, Life Annuity Specialist, has a subscriber base that includes roughly 75% of the U.S.’s top 20 largest life insurers and annuity providers as listed by annual insurance premiums.


                Our commitment

                It is fundamental to the integrity and success of the Financial Times (FT) that we uphold the highest possible standards of ethical and professional journalism, and that we are seen to do so. 

                As a subsidiary of the Financial Times, Health Payer Specialist and its journalism are subject to a self-regulation regime under the FT Editorial Code of Practice: www.ft.com/editorialcode

                Our actions

                In September 2014, the FT's Appointments and Oversight Committee appointed Greg Callus as its editorial Complaints Commissioner. The role will ensure a continued means of dealing with reader complaints following the closure of the UK Press Complaints Commission. His remit is to support the FT’s existing framework for handling editorial complaints, independent of the editor.

                Read our guide to the policies and processes of the Complaints Commissioner here.

                If you wish to request a clarification or correction, or make a complaint about any of our editorial content or journalistic activity, please email managing editor Tim LeeMaster tleemaster@healthpayerspecialist.com.

                Where any complaint under the FT Editorial Code is unable to be resolved by FT’s senior editors, the Complaints Commissioner will review the matter and recommend any appropriate redress. 


                Tim LeeMaster

                Tim is the Managing Editor of Health Payer Specialist. Tim has helped launch a clutch of startup business media products covering topics that include corporate finance and artificial intelligence. He started his career covering the China story and wider Asia-Pacific business issues out of Hong Kong. He has an MA in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong and a BA in International Relations from UCLA.

                Monica Link
                Monica Link

                Monica is the Asscoaite Editor at Health Payer Specialist. Prior to her role at Money-Media she held reporter and editor roles at business publications and producer performer roles in the performing arts. She has a B.A in journalism and continues career related training.

                Vrushank Nayak

                Vrushank is the Data Visualization Reporter at Health Payer Specialist. Previously, he worked at Front Office Sports as a Data Reporter covering the sports business industry and before that he was the Elections Data Reporter at the Associated Press. He received his B.A. from CUNY's Hunter College and his M.A. from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

                Kayla Webster

                Kayla Webster is a reporter at Health Payer Specialist. Previously, she served as an associate editor at Employee Benefit News and reporter at the Sacramento Business Journal, where she was awarded a health care journalism fellowship from the Society for Business Editing and Writing. She also worked as a reporter for the Appeal-Democrat, one of California’s oldest daily newspapers. Kayla is a first-generation college graduate, with a B.A. in English from Sonoma State University.